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Carlton Sheets Is Right, You Can Buy A Home With Bad Credit!

I also agree with Carlton Sheets that big money can be made by investing in real estate foreclosures. However, it's not nearly as easy as Carlton's infomercial would suggest. If you've seen his program, I think you know what I'm talking about, "buy a home with nothing down and walk away from closing with a $30,000.00 check!" While I agree with Carlton that it's certainly possible to do, I also think it's possible to win the lottery, be struck by lightning and live to tell about it, or inherit a million dollars from an unknown rich uncle! In the real world, it seldom happens that way.

Bookmark This Page And Order Carlton's Course, You'll Be Back!

Carlton has some good ideas, but judging from the mail I receive, he seems to get too complicated for many people! I get lost in some of his material myself, so I know why the average person, with little or no experience in real estate, might come away confused. My bet is that sometime soon after you begin to study his material, you'll start to feel lost and wish there were an easier way! Those of you who already have his course, know exactly what I'm talking about!

I've Got Great News!

There is a much easier, and less expensive way! You've found it at this web site! I believe the information should be kept as simple, and easy to understand as possible. If you don't thoroughly understand how to do something, fear will take over and you'll never build the confidence needed to get started. The information should also be affordable, so everyone who truly wishes to better themselves, will be able to, no matter how bad their current financial situation.

The American Dream a Home of Your Own!

It's what everyone wants! It's where your children play! It's where you live! It's where you keep all the things you buy! It's the best savings account most people will ever have! It increases in value! It gives you a sense of pride! It's what you go to work for! You deserve it! What else is there? It's time you stop wasting your hard earned money on rent. You really can start building equity in your own home, much sooner than you think!

You're Not Alone!

Millions lack the near perfect credit rating banks and loan companies require to approve a mortgage! Judgments, late payments, repossession, divorce, medical bills, unstable work history, lack of a large cash down payment, excessive debt, and bankruptcy can all spell rejection when you try to buy a home.

Even Bankruptcy Can't Stop You!

I've purchased many homes in Virginia, Tennessee and Florida  with no credit check. I know I can help you buy a home, no matter how bad your credit history may be! Even bankruptcy can't stop you from buying a home!

Sound Incredible?

Maybe, but it's true! Over 20 years ago I purchased my first home with only $75.00 down and no credit check! I've purchased many more since then and I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. I found that buying real estate with bad credit and low cash down is easy when you know how.

I Lacked Everything!

My parents were very poor and never able to help me financially. I didn't have a rich uncle or someone to co-sign a loan for me. I didn't have any equity in a home, I was a renter. I worked low paying jobs, had no savings and a checking account that stayed near or below zero. Perhaps worst of all, was the fact that I had no one to turn to for help with the experience and knowledge that I now offer to you. I sincerely don't know how you could start any lower than I did. I didn't think I could ever buy my own home, but that's exactly what I did!

Wealth Comes by Investing in Real Estate!

I retired seven years ago at age 39 and I can tell you first hand that I owe it all to real estate and it's absolutely wonderful! There's nothing quite like the freedom that comes when you're no longer setting alarm clocks and racing off to a job you hate. The freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, is truly awesome and something I wish everyone could experience!  However, I'm very aware that no matter how much success I have, many of the best things in life, like God, Family and Friends (I've made lots of those thanks to this web page) are still free!

You Really Can Buy A Home Now!

You can overcome your lack of credit today! You don't need to wait until your debts are all paid in full to buy a home! Forget about the 10 year waiting period required in most states to have bankruptcy removed from your credit record! You really can purchase a home for your family right now!

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Hi Stephen,

 I really liked your CD, it was easy to understand and fun! I have set my goal to buy a house within the next 30 days and you are my witness. Today is Jan. 02, 2008.                                                        Thanks Kris


Thank you Kris and setting a goal of 30 days is an excellent idea! Be sure to use the Internet to help in your search. Give the following a try.,,, and there are many more! Best of luck and let me know if I can be of help.



Hi Steve !

I recently bought your CD on buying a home with low down payment and bad credit. I was really excited when it arrived! And 2 days later I ran into a deal that sounds really good, but I wanted to run it across you and get your input. There is a place in Mo. that my daughter found, the gentleman will sell it to me for $45,000 with nothing down at $435. per month. the house has a new furnace, roof and has been rewired all the way thru. My daughter lives in MO. and needs a place to live. So she will rent the place from me. The taxes run $199. a year. I am really excited about this place and I feel that it is a good deal, but I would like to know your input about the situation, since this is my first deal. Please let me know ASAP.

Again thanks for the CD, it is really great!!!


I advised Theresa to buy that home fast, before someone else does. I'm checking on air fare to MO. myself!


Dear Stephen,

Thanks for helping me save 186 dollars!! My intention is not only to buy a home for myself but to make a business out of it as well.

Thanks again,


Thank you Beverly, I wish you well and remember, real estate is the key to wealth, not jobs!


Hello Mr. Clark,

I purchased your real estate information and I have a question. I immediately began looking for property. Should I try to negotiate the amounts down or keep looking? I really like how simple you made this to understand!

Thank you,


I advised Latrice to always negotiate the amount of the down payment! $2,500 is the most I've ever put down on a home and that's including closing cost!


Dear Stephen,

I received your program yesterday and I must say it is definitely worth the $24.95! Let me say that everything you promised and more I found in your material.

Thank you.


CA Real Estate Investor

Thanks Harley, I wish you the best and hope you make a fortune investing in California's highly profitable real estate market!


Dear Stephen,

I recently purchased your "How to buy a Home with Bad Credit" audio program. I have found it very informative and helpful.



Thanks Lurah, If you have any questions at all, please let me know.


Stephen, how are you? Great I hope. Closing on my 5th Boston property on  February  1st, not bad in less than a year thanks to you. Quick question, what do you think of lease option to buy on as single family home? I'm contemplating that option with one of my properties. Thanks in advance for your always insightful and helpful advice. Dave  

Wow, 5 homes in less than a year! That's fantastic Dave and a lease with option to buy is yet another great way to buy or sell real estate.


Here's The Secret!

I'll explain precisely how I purchased several of my homes (it's very easy for you to copy my method) and even give you actual ads from recent newspapers, so you'll understand exactly what kind of ad you need to look for and explain what key questions you need to ask when you call. You'll also receive a copy of an actual contract I use to purchase property with no credit check. You'll be amazed to see how simple buying a home can be!

The Magic Key!

No embarrassing questions about your past or present credit problems. You'll learn the secret of how to skip the credit check entirely! That magic key alone will allow you to go from wasting your money on rent, to building equity in your own home!

 You Don't Need A Large Down Payment!

There are many homes on the market that you can buy with very low cash down. You'll learn how to find homes that require but a fraction of the normal down payment! You'll also save hundreds, if not thousands on closing cost! I even include copies of actual classified ads (from two different newspapers) to show exactly what type of ads you should be looking for!

Free Consultation For 3 Full Months With Purchase!

My methods are so simple and easy to use, that most people don't need any additional help. However, if you still have questions about the methods I use, or want my opinion and suggestions about a home you wish to purchase, please send me an E-Mail. I'll respond to every question and do my very best to help make your dream of home ownership come true!

My Method Will Work For You!

My method will work for anyone, anywhere in the free world, and that should include you! Your age, race, sex, ETC... has nothing to do with it either!  You can still buy a home with bad credit and low cash down!

The Full Price Is Just $24.95  Postage Paid!

Don't let the cheap price fool you. This brand new audio CD Program contains powerful home buying information guaranteed to break the rent cycle for everyone who tries it and produce real wealth for anyone willing to use this simple method over and over to become a real estate investor. Now you can listen to this life changing information while relaxing at home, jogging, biking or driving your car. It can't get much easier than this! You have my personal guarantee that you will be able to buy one or more homes, regardless of your credit/employment history or simply return the package for a full refund! 

Why Is The Price So Low?

It's called my "No Waste" policy. Some people spend huge amounts of money on high priced TV ads, then pass the cost along to you when you order their course. I don't spend one cent for TV or Radio ads, so I can pass that savings along to you. My financial future is very secure (even without this webpage), so I don't need to rely on a huge profit margin from sales of this real estate program to earn a living. I keep the cost of production, shipping, accounting and order processing as low as possible and again, I  pass the savings along to you. This "No Waste" policy explains how I'm able to make such an offer. I have no desire to see you waste time or money, so I do everything I can to weed out worthless information and expenses. That way I can focus on giving you what really works at the lowest possible cost!


How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit!

This very special report, guaranteed to put you in the driver seat of a late model car, is yours to keep absolutely FREE as my SPECIAL GIFT, even if you return your Real Estate Program for a full refund! It's my way of saying "thanks" for trying my new program.

Plain English!

NO COMPLICATED REAL ESTATE TECHNIQUES OR TERMS TO CONFUSE YOU, PERIOD! I offer a method that's easy to use, takes up very little time, is super easy to understand and best of all, it really works! Don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done, I know it can! I've used this method all my adult life and I know it works! I'd still be dirt poor and wasting money on rent today without it. Wishing will never get you a home. Taking action armed with the right knowledge will! I've helped many others to buy a home and I know I can help you!

Risk Free 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I've made it so simple that if you don't understand how to buy a home with bad credit (even bankruptcy) and low cash down in less than 1 hour of listening to my new program, simply return it for a full and prompt refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Fair enough?

 No Additional Material is Required!

This exciting new audio real estate program is now available on CD is 100% complete, with nothing else left to purchase, except that home! You won't find any additional material being offered for sale on this new CD. No one will call or visit you and no junk mail or spam will result from your order here. I don't have anything else to offer at any price and your personal information is never sold, rented or given to anyone, for any reason. All credit Card orders are handled by CCNOW  a very professional, safe and secure merchant account. I never even see your credit card information, only your name and address for shipping. I highly respect your right to privacy and security and so does CCNOW.

My Final Thoughts.....

We live in the greatest country on earth and prosperity is all around us. But sadly, most people just drift along in life, living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by, bumped to and fro by circumstances that seem way beyond their control. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way!  I've already helped thousands of people realize their dreams and if I could only overcome the fear, despair and skepticism out there, I know I could improve the lives of millions! Don't let anyone or anything keep you from your dreams of home ownership and financial freedom. Life is short, the clock is ticking and time is not on our side.

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