Carleton Sheets students review and comment on his course

Carleton Sheets Review


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Carlton Sheets is Right!

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Carlton Sheets Review...

I've owned Carlton's "No Down Payment" Real Estate Course and I've had plenty of time to review his material. I agree with Carlton that big money can be made by investing in real estate, while most jobs virtually guarantee that you'll retire broke. If you happen to be the C.E.O. of General Motors or Pepsi, then you're the exception to the rule. Most everyone else understands what I'm talking about.

I also know Carlton is right when he says you can purchase a home with bad credit and low cash down, I've done that many times myself and so can you! However, Carlton's course can get pretty complicated for the average person. I realize that most people are not real estate experts and I start by assuming you know little or nothing about the subject. You must be able to understand the material, or as the letters below indicate, it will only lead to fear and confusion and never help you purchase a single home!

Below are typical examples of the E-Mail I receive from many of Carlton's students. On a personal level, I'm deeply saddened as I read the letters posted below. I believe you will experience the same sad feelings as you read them. These people spent nearly $200.00 to purchase his course, but after a time consuming review (listening to the tapes and reading all the manuals), most find themselves too confused to even try to purchase a home. That will NEVER happen with my material! I guarantee "NO CONFUSION" with  my method.


Carlton's Students Review and Comment on his Course.....

Michelle writes,

Dear Mr. Clark,

I bought Carlton Sheet's guide to buying investment properties to make extra income for my family. We couldn't even afford to buy this program but I ordered it anyway hoping for a resolution to our financial instabilities. I have read Mr. Sheet's binder 3 times and listened to the tapes ... and I still don't understand many things. What do you recommend that I do? I want to become financially independent but I just don't know where to begin. Please help me!



Shelli writes,

Hi, I also have Carlton Sheets' program, and even tried to get it to work. I'm a very intelligent person, but his program is VERY misleading. No money down, bull!! Unless you're a real estate genius, his program is useless.



Joe writes,

I have been a licensed realtor years ago. I am not a beginner in business and normally have little problems following business concepts. I agree with your web site. Beware of Mr. Sheet's program.

In addition, I was recently contacted by one of their people, Mr. Jason XXXXXX regarding their "Pilot Program" for "Coaching" people in Real Estate. He was one of the rudest people I have experienced in Business in 30+ years on my own. Bottom line, if you don't give them answers to every one of their very personal questions, they insult you in many ways and tell you you are just not "Teachable". I have seen this type of behavior and it always means they are selling a very over priced program. Information about which they do not want to let out until they think they have enough information about you that allows them to hog tie you into a purchase.

Thanks for the alternative,



Josh writes,

I bought Carlton Sheets course followed the manual and still cant get a loan or money for the property I found!! Just was wandering if you had any ideas??



Jeff writes,

I just ordered your system. I sincerely hope it works because I am in need of a house and a car. I too purchased a Carlton Sheets program and find it difficult to start with. I hope your program can shed some light on the subject.

Thanks, Jeff


Rosie writes this sad story,

At 1231 PM 2/26/2003 -0800, you wrote

I ordered Carlton Sheets and i have a problem. I tried calling the numbers for Carlton Sheets and I can't get anywhere with them. I am not sure who you are, but maybe you can get this to someone who can help. For a long time I had been wanting to get his program. However, I never could afford it till a month 1/2 ago when I saw he had a 3 month @59.95 promotion and I thought this was perfect. Well when I got my bill on this the charges were instead of 59.95 they went to $136.00 plus they had given other people permission to also withdraw from my account. Which seriously overdrew my acct. To date I am in the hole $375.00 and going up. First of all I never ordered anything else but the program at $59.95 but they insist I did. They told me they had it recorded and I asked them to review their calls to prove to them I never ordered what they said. Because of what they did I am seriously in trouble with the bank, not to mention the checks that bounced, plus the charges from the places I wrote the checks to and the charges from the bank that keep piling up. I have called and they removed the charges from my order but the money stands as it is. They had no permission to take that money or give anyone else permission to withdraw money from my acct. Now I have to believe Carlton Sheets would not take advantage of people like this. All I ask is that they pay me back for the damage they did to me. I don't know where else to go except small claims court and the better business bureau. Please tell me what I can do. I have gone almost 2 weeks with no money and having to borrow from people for gas and food for my family because of this.



Marlene writes,

"Hi Stephen, my name is Marlene, and I was just doing some research on the Internet because I just bought the Carlton Sheets program - and actually was somewhat fearful of getting started. I guess I just needed more feedback from someone who is positive, and has had some experience with the program itself. I came across your name and message, and I hope you don't mind me bouncing a few questions at you!"

She had about six questions for me, after spending all that time and money on Carlton's course, She was still confused!


Cynthia writes,

"I've had Carleton Sheets program for sometime now. But I have just been really afraid to use it. I have three children, age 37, and a pretty good job. But I would like to enjoy the luxuries of life before I leave this world. Please give me some pointers."


After 8 Years, Still No Home?

"Help! Afraid of Failure. I have had Carleton Sheets program for 8 years now. I'm just really afraid of what I will get myself into. Does this really work!"


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